January 27, 2010

The loss of wisdom

So, after much procrastination ( read: 6 years)...I am finally getting my wisdom teeth taken out. Well, I'm getting one taken out tomorrow, because it literally cant wait. That's right! I procrastinated so long that its actually risking my other teeth!! oops.
And then I'll have the other three out after I deliver a child. And after delivering a child, pulling teeth should be comparatively easy.
Anyway, I'm now celebrating the fact that I finally went to the dentist ( I hate the dentist), I'm eating sour skittles. Awesome, because there is nothing like coating your freshly cleaned teeth with an extra layer of sugar. haha!!
Seriously though, I found a really cool dentist who actually spends a lot of his time donating his dentistry services to mission organizations, traveling to third world countries to donate his skills! Pretty cool!

In other news, I just watched the video for the new ipad, I gotta admit it looks cool...but NOT cool enough to get one, the whole time I was watching the informational video I just kept thinking that with my laptop and my iphone I have all those features. It seems down right frivolous. I guess our economy isn't doing THAT badly if we can have something like this on the market.


Paul James said...

I hoping to get an iPad to replace the Kindle I never bought haha.

Paul James said...

*I'm hoping, not iHoping...

Lyds said...

I'm still "iHoping" for an iPhone :-)

Amy King said...

I can't believe I missed the fact that you haven't had your wisdom teeth removed...I did that ten years ago (and nearly bled to death, ha.)

Is that why you had a toothache a while back?

In other tooth news: my OCD tendencies have caused my gums to recede in the back of my mouth because--get this--I brush more back there because I'm paranoid about getting cavities. There's no winning with teeth: damned if you do, damned if you don't.