January 29, 2010

Like pulling teeth

That particular idiom has a WHOLE NEW meaning to me now that I've had a tooth pulled from my scull. It was intense. And apparently that tooth did NOT WANT TO GO. Sure, it didn't hurt thanks to that tooth numbing needle that they injected me with first, but who really needs pain when you've got this lovely thing called "pressure"?!? If pressure means literally pulling someone up from their chair by their very tooth...well than, wow, I've never felt pressure until now....

Which, incidentally, I was reminded with perfectly clarity after reading my comments after my last post-WHY I had waited so long to have my wisdom teeth removed-thanks to my friendship with Amy and remembering how she seriously ALMOST BLEED TO DEATH after her wisdom teeth were removed, I did not relish the thought of going into the chair myself. So thanks, Amy. Thanks for being one of the reasons behind my procrastination!

But, now that it's all said in done, it really wasn't so bad...my "hole" doesn't even hurt that bad, I mean, sure, I can't open my mouth very wide, but other than that I'm pretty much back to normal. So that's done. We can check "remove one wisdom tooth" from my to do list. Now on to bigger and better things.

I have a deadline looming at work, plus two parties to throw next weekend ( a baby shower and a super bowl party)...busy, busy, busy!


Amy King said...

I hope your recovery is going well!

My problem was that I got our cat Tabby out from under my bed after I had all four of my impacted teeth removed, and that made the clots un-clot. Gross!

Christa said...