April 01, 2010

Another two bite the dust

So, last year I wrote a blog post that you can read here
that gives you a little run down of the applications that I use on my iphone on a daily/weekly/never basis.

And then this last week my sister and Tabitha both got iphones. Talking to both of them several times about their new toys has reminded me of just how wonderful my iphone is...in fact, SIDE NOTE:

The first moment that I can pinpoint as a moment when I was definitely acting pregnant, but we just didn't know I was pregnant yet was when we had just moved to Alabama (*sigh*) and realized that my phone did not work in the house ( or even on our street), so we went to the AT&T store to see if they had some sort of booster or something and sadly they said that yes, they do have boosters but they wouldn't work were we live ( A DEADZONE). So we go out to the car and we're sitting there, and Brett turns to me and says, "So, how important is having an iphone to you?"-or something like that...it may have even been "Do you mind getting a different phone?" Or who knows...but it doesn't matter what he said, because in my mind it translated into THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD.
And so I burst into tears and sobbed. That's right, I sobbed. Over an iphone.

And bless his heart Brett did not check me into a mental institution right then and there. In fact, he was super nice about it...haha! And, well, I still have my iphone, I just can't actually USE the phone part when I'm in our house....so that just shows just HOW much of a stink I made about it. And also, it shows how much I love my phone ( hormones and irrationality aside).

OK, so without further ado here are some changes from that last post that I wrote about my applications. I still use Pandora all the time. And it really IS like having free satellite radio in your car. But, here are some other winners.

Facebook ( free). I know I said I hated it. But they've definitely improved. And while the computer version is much better. Its good in a pinch.

Readello ( free). This syncs with my googlereader so I can easily access my blog rolls when I'm away from my computer. AWESOME.

iflipr.( $3.99) I use this to memorize my bible verses for the week, but there are also like a MILLION other flashcards you can download for free and learn. SO EDUCATIONAL ;-)

Imdb ( free). Yes, they've made an application for this terrribly useful website that will then answer all your disputes with friends, spouses and yourself regarding who the actor is that played in that unnamed 1987 film that started with an "E"....seriously, this app quickly and easily solves all sorts of mindbinders for me.

Allrecipes.com ( I got the free version), the little brother of its counterpart website-you can easily access your own account ( therefore any recipes you've collected) or look up new ones...WHILE YOU'RE IN THE STORE. Fabulous.

E!Online ( free). Ahem. I hate to admit that I care a lot about celebrity gossip. Because I DON'T...but every so often you have a free moment and you really want to know how those Kardashian sisters are getting along. This app is for you.

Starbucks ( free) This one is really only useful when traveling. But then its WONDERFUL. It'll track where you are and then tell you where the nearest starbucks is...this has saved Brett ( since I'm currently not drinking coffee) from near breakdown several times.

Now for the really important one...that if you download it I want you to contact me IMMEDIATELY. Its called "Words with Friends" ( get the free version) and it allows you to play scrabble with anyone else who has the app too! So, go sign up today!! get yourself a little user name and then look me up ( Abigailsday) and then we can play scrabble together from ANYWHERE!!! HOW WONDERFUL WILL THAT BE?!?! ( Also, for those of you who are skeptics this is easier than real scrabble because it catches you if you use a nonexistent word and just doesn't let you play it...meaning if you can't think of a word just start putting letters together...you may get lucky and create a word you didn't even know existed. Like Brett did. Last night. With the word "forb" for 31 points. I mean, really?!? FORB?!?! ( but it is a word...I looked it up. )

Anyway. I look forward to your comments of any new, awesome apps that I absolutely NEED to get. ( Also, let me know when you're on Words with Friends so we can start playing ;-) )


mktgaggie05 said...

Hi, Abigail!

I love my iPhone, too! Some apps I use and use and use are:

Ontomni's Grocery List
Sound Hound (formerly Midomi)
Koi Pond
Bing (good for locating close businesses/restaurants of all sorts and getting directions - but it can be a battery drainer)
Stick Wars
Ultimate Hangman (the graphics are awesome!)
Spin Art (fun, fun, fun!)


Abby Scorsonelli said...

USAA (deposit checks from your phone)
Dictionary.com (includes Thesaurus too!)
Movies (reviews, trailers, etc)
People (even better than E! if you can believe it)

Abigail... said...

oh my gosh, Abby! YES! I love USAA deposit your checks with your phone. Every time I do it I feel like "THIS is the moment where technology became GRAND."

Alisha and Mark said...

Some of my favorites:
Time Counter (Great for counting down deployment)
The Weather Channel
Urban Spoon
Lose It! (To track calories that I eat)
Fandango ( To find movie times)

Pretty much LOVE the iphone!