May 18, 2010

Morning Props

I've got to give a little shout out to Ruby Love Designs where I got my totally adorable Modern Baby Book. I fell in love as soon as I saw it, and thanks to my WONDERFUL grandfather-who let me pick out any baby book I wanted! I was able to get it!!

I gotta tell you I was really relieved when I came across these minimalist, yet stylish baby books because I had started to wonder if such a thing existed! It seemed that there were TONS of cute girly baby books out there but once you got to the boys section they were either waaaay to babyish or just UGLY.
But, Ruby Love Designs had SO many great choices and colors it was actually difficult for me to pick one! But, pick I did and once it arrived in the mail I have been itching to get started on it...

And so I got out my "fancy pens" and began the process of filling in some of the "pregnancy pages", you know the whole "When did Mommy tell Daddy that she was pregnant with you?" type things. It was fun filling it all in, fun until I made a tiny little mistake on one of the pages. At first I tried to convinced myself that it was no big deal, my child would understand, that such things would only happen with more and more frequency as he got older and so he should learn right away that his mother is ditzy....but I was starting to obsess over it and so I emailed Ruby Love Designs and asked if there was anyway I could purchase a replacement page. Now, the other great thing is that Ruby Love Designs actually makes all sorts of insert pages that you can get along the way if you find you need them...even "My time in the NICU" pages if you baby has to spend some time there. Or extra Baby Shower pages if you're having multiple showers. Pretty cool!
But, anyway, back to my silly dilemma. I got a response right away, and they are sending me a FREE replacement page because of my silly mistake. So, at least for the time being Ransom's baby book can go back to being "perfect". Just like the kind of mother I least until he's born. ;-)

Check out this great little company if you get the chance....I'm totally sold!

A look on the inside ( sorry its blurry, my iphone didn't enjoy taking this picture...):

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Amy said...

David's baby book consists of a notebook at which I sit down a couple of days a week and journal things like "today you cried. a lot. because you didnt like it when I wouldn't let you play in the potty," and "your first word is 'bye bye.' Is that because I leave you too much?"

You are putting me to shame!