May 17, 2010

This week I've decided to blog every day. I use to do this all the time. I don't know what happened. Its not like I don't have the time! Sooooo, for lack of other feelings of productivity I will post something ( its value and content is not guaranteed) each day this week...or at least until Friday. Weekends I'm not so sure about...

This is mostly because the Bible study that we're involved with is for Airborne Students. Basically we get soldiers for three weeks-while they are in Airborne school and then they move on. It can be pretty exciting to see peoples lives change in a short amount of time, but its also challenging because you DO have such LIMITED time with these people! And you NEVER feel like you can take a week to slack off...because, its literally going to be one of your three chances with a person.
Annnyways, things are always a little fast paced but things are even MORE fast paced in the summer months because that's when we get TONS ( and i mean tons) of ROTC and Westpoint cadets who come to Airborne school during their summer break! This extra exciting for me because there are a lot more girls than we normally have...but it also means that when I normally am just supporting Brett in ministering to guys now we've got guys AND girls that we're trying to reach out to and love on! It got a little crazy at our house this weekend.

And of course, THIS would be the week that I'm suppose to share at Bible study! Why didn't I get to share on one of those weeks when we had like ten people total? Unlike last week when we had about forty. Meh. Scary! But, at the same time I've been excited to share what God has taught me over the last 6 months or so and I'm finally getting the opportunity so I should be happy I am getting to share it with so many....nope. I'm still a little nervous.

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