June 29, 2010

Baby freak out.

I'm procrastinating going to the grocery store right this minute. Its ridiculously hot outside.
In the first few minutes of my morning walk this morning I was already feeling sluggish. Its definitely getting close to July. I can feel it in every part of me.

I've been going on morning walks with a lady who I met at Bible Study a few weeks ago. She and her husband rejoined the Army after being out for 17 years! So its really interesting to get her perspective and she's definitely helped me to get myself in gear and get my exercise in every day!

In other news I'm happy to report that operation Get Ready for Baby is starting to take more shape. Brett put together the car seat and stroller yesterday and I ordered the bedding ( sooooo excited about this!!). Yet, today as I was sitting in my comfy chair staring at the baby room ( which is still very much in disarray. haha), I realized-what I'm sure most new mom's realize-that I have NO idea what I'll do once Ransom actually comes!!

I guess I need to start reading Baby books! Eek! Luckily I ( most likely) have at least a month more to go...


mktgaggie05 said...

I've definitely heard other new moms express the same sentiment...I've also heard experienced moms reassure them that a lot comes naturally once the baby arrives. I know you'll do great, Abigail. Ransom is in good hands...God put him there. :o) I hope that's as encouraging as I mean it to be. Have a great day, Abigail! Blessings...

Anonymous said...

I get nervous just when I'm planning my day...go to the grocery store? not? should I get gas for my car now or later????...seriously. I have mild anxiety about leaving my house, so I can't imagine what it would be like to think about birthing a baby.

So, I think I will be all about reading the books. Security blanket!


Biggs said...

I am so excited for you! I wish our boys could grow up closer. I'd love to come visit you all after you've had some time to settle in with Ransom.