July 01, 2010

Sad but true...

So, I took my walking buddy friend out for a birthday lunch and then visited some of her favorite stores ( PierOne and Hobby Lobby) and my feet are now so tired that when I got home and found a giant box from Target sitting on the front porch...a box that MOST DEFINITELY has my baby bedding in it...I was too tired to open it.

That's right. I'm too tired to open the box I've been THE MOST excited about getting....seriously. Sad.


But, don't worry I'll rest up and once Tabitha arrives this weekend I have a feeling between the two of us we're going to have the Ransom Room whipped into tip top picture worthy shape. In fact, I've been thinking that I have yet to post pictures of our house since we moved in almost two months ago! How have I lost track of time! So, I'll have to go around and make everything look "catalogue worthy" and then quickly take pictures so that you can all get the crazy notion in your heads that I'm neat and tidy all the time ;-) It'll be our own fun little game that we play.

And yes, I'm excited about this weekend Tabitha is coming to visit for until the middle of next week, and also the 4th of July celebration is this weekend...honestly, I don't even think being pregnant is going to be able to stop me from enjoying one of my FAVORITE holidays...fireworks, plus grilled foods and yummy deserts ( ice-cream)...I'm a fan.

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