June 17, 2010

Making Life interesting

I think the first time I really mentioned Jaymon was in this post here regarding a certain smoke alarm and a pair of linen pants ( go figure), but I feel like I should give him more props than that!

I am very aware that its not normal to have "random" people living in your attic, but its something that both Brett and I feel strongly about, and we are glad that we can have an open home where people can come and live with us and share in our lives as we try to follow Christ and try to minister to the soldiers and families of Fort Benning...

It has been beyond cool to share our lives with Jaymon and best of all to share in his life, like last week he was out doing army training for most of the week and wasn't home until Thursday-but we got to rejoice in the fact that he was able to lead a bible study for the other guys in his platoon while he was away "roughing it" in the field getting a million and one chigger bites.
Considering Brett and I got to hear about his successes after our own very long days, it was encouraging to see God working in someone elses life. In fact, sometimes, I get all the encouragement I need from watching the Lord's faithfulness in the lives of those around me-I am then reminded that my own life is no different, it just may LOOK and SEEM different to me!!

Anyway, this past weekend we got to introduce Jaymon to my parents and it was great fun to share yet another wonderful friend with them. It does not take long to see just how much fun " Jaymoney" is to have around ( Jaymon actually came up with his own nickname, lamenting that he couldn't believe his friends weren't smart enough to see that all you have to do is add an "ey" to the end of his name...) and I think he kind of steps up his humor the more people we have in the house...a classic sanguine personality he thrives on an audience.

I am already thanking God that he and Brett will be going to Ranger School together at the end of August and I pray that they are able to stay together the whole way through....

But, until then...here's a picture of them putting together Ransom's baby furniture:

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MrsThomas said...

Jaymon's face in that picture is SO creepy!!! How did he even DO that?!