July 02, 2010

The Story Teller in me

Early on in our marriage, Brett and I would have minor ( read: major) arguments about how I told stories. It turns out what I called "exaggerating to make my point" Brett called "lying" and would therefore correct me in mid-story-telling-mode...which, you know, totally cramped my style.

Recently it came up in conversation and we realized that this argument hadn't come up recently which means either Brett has relaxed in his opinions on the "facts" that surround our lives, or I've gotten more boring in how I tell stories...who's to say?

Anyway, my story telling nature is not new information. In fact, I've been telling stories before I had an audience to tell them to! In fact, and this is kind of embarrassing to admit, when I was little I would sit with my picture books and make up stories about the pcitures...totally different stories than what the book was about, but that didn't matter much, I would just go with it-whatever struck my fancy and yes, I would totally tell these stories OUT LOUD, TO MYSELF.

One of my favorite, favorite books to go through and make stories about the pictures was the Brambly Hedge Series, adorable little stories about some mice who lived in various trees and stumps in a place called Brambly Hedge-and here's what some of the pictures looked like ( sorry its so small):

I know, totally freakin awesome, right?!? I mean, they were SUCH incredibly detailed pictures of all the little rooms and alleyways and such of these houses that the stories I could come up surrounding these pictures were ENDLESS...

But, then I grew up and I lost my imagination or a less depressing alternative is that I just got too busy and my imagination got covered up by other things that are more important. But, then, the other day my friend Katie sent me a link to this blog which take pictures from Catalogues ( why didn't I think of THAT when I was little?!?) and makes up a story about a particular couple who "lives in the catalogue" based on the pictures. It is hilarious. Beyond witty. And I've been laughing about it ever since!

So go check out Catalogue Living, aka the blog that the me of today and the me of 20 years ago should have collaborated on and written years ago ( but I'm glad SOMEBODY had this bright idea!)


Anonymous said...

I finally checked out this blog site; and either I'm tired or these are genuinely funny, but the one for June 26th made me laugh until I cried...shades of FarSide.

Love ya,

Amy Bushatz said...

Luke was giggling at the "wish tree."

And while they're at it, maybe THESE people should make a "moron mommy blog,"

Just sayin'.

Katie said...

I thought of you immediately! Not surprised at all of your creative storytelling as a child :)