September 19, 2010

A major sell out

So, the other day I got a check in the mail...a check for 25 dollars. All because I went shopping. That's right, friends. I'm a major fan of online shopping and sending people presents straight from online stores-and so I was DE-LIGHTED when my friend Amy B. told me about

Here's how it works. Think up a store that you'd like to visit...( there are hundreds to choose from so more than likely its there), saaaaay or 1-800flowers or or or or Ann Taylor Loft...those are just some of MY favorites, but I bet YOUR favorites are there too!
Anyway, just click on the link to your online store of choice and BAM! You've just earned back a percentage of whatever you're about to purchase!

Honestly, its some sort of magic, because I don't even KNOW how ebates tracks this stuff!

Anywho...for the most part I'm really lazy and that's why I hardly ever get behind cash back incentives ( for instance I tried to do the whole swag bucks thing but you're constantly having to jump through hoops to get any significant "bucks"...but EBATES...that's something I'm already doing! I'm ALREADY buying things! So I'm ALL ABOUT getting extra discounts!

So, if you too would like to save a little monies while shopping go sign-up for ebates RIGHT NOW:

And if you wouldn't mind terribly, use this little referral link so I could possibly win an ipad ( that is, if fifty of my readers click on that would be AWESOME!)

Click here to get Abigail a ipad and also to save yourself some cash-o-la

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