September 20, 2010

Once again, with feeling

So, it was an odd sort of day here. For one thing Ransom was dealing with some serious gas issues and he "dealt" with his issues by declaring loudly how upset he was for most of the night and day. And I will admit that I didn't handle it super well... I'd say my lowest point was around 4:30am when I went growling into his room to retrieve him yet. again. Lack of sleep makes me embarrassingly short on patience. It is in fact true that being a parent reveals sooo many more things about myself that I need to work on. But, along with my shortcomings and R's sad tummy- a friend brought over some rice crispy treats ( apparently no one wants me to be skinny when Brett gets back!) and the mail brought with it a cute outfit for Ransom from his Aunt Anna and a gorgeous homemade garland from my friend Elaine- she also included a super encouraging verse as well... Plus another letter from Brett!! Two in a week!!! I feel so blessed!
So many prayers are being answered! Brett said he was dealing with the Instructors horrible treatment by remembering his memory verse ( the reference escapes me at the moment) that talks about the lord disciplining those He loves- it encourages me to know that the Word is ministering to Brett even in his sleep deprived state. Brett also mentioned he'd gotten several more letters from you wonderful friends and family! He said he is continually reminded that he is getting through ranger school because of your prayers.
Once again I am humbled by His faithfulness to us. And so with many pleading prayers that tonight will be better... I'm off to feed Ransom and then hopefully to sleep for a little while at least!

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Abby Scorsonelli said...

You've posted Brett's addy; now what's YOURS???