November 11, 2010

Cousin It

I've always had long hair...mostly because the one time I had short hair it was because my mom had my hair cut into the ill-advised "Dorothy Hammill"
Imagine this on a chubby third grader:

Anyway, I was well and truly scarred for life and therefore I've had long to longish hair ever since. I do however, every so often cut my hair off for locks of love. 
The last time I did this I cried. 

Yup. I cried. 
And I called my sister to come and meet me and tell me what she thought of it and when she arrived I just so happen to be holding my cut off pony tail ( because they give it back to you so you can mail it) and she thought that, in a fit of frenzy, I had run out of the salon with my hair....she has such high thoughts of me ;-) 

Annnyways so it didn't go super well, but I'm considering doing it again because I gotta tell you, since Ransom's been born my hair has been driving me CRAZY! For one thing, I'm experiencing the lovely "after pregnancy shed" that you hear about and so I'm constantly finding my super long hair on EVERYTHING....I'm like having Cousin It for a pet. 

So now I'd like everyone to scour the interwebs and find a haircut that you think I would look cute with. Something that would be easy. Something that would not require work. Something for extra thick, kinda wavy hair. 

I'll wait here. 


Amy Bushatz said...

You just described my haircut. And then we can be twins! But I need to find someone here to do it. So Ill get on that and get back with you. (Seriously I do next to zero to it.)

Anna M. said...

I have been struggling with the post baby shed too. I seriously have never seen anything like it and have considered a very short hair cut in order to deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you should just get your hair cut like mine. Join the short-hair club! (member since 2002-ish)

-Amy K.