November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

Confession: Until I became an Army Wife I didn't think much about Veteran's Day...if anything it was just a "holiday" about "Old People"...which, I mean, I like old people but once didn't impact my day much.

Sadly it took living a military life day in and day out for me to fully grasp the importance of this day.

 At Brett's Ranger Graduation we were a tad bit late. ( What's new?) And by late I just mean we weren't early which is what you have to be if you want to find a seat at a Ranger Graduation ( just in case any of my readers are ever planning on attending one). Anyway, one of the major reasons for lack of seating was that a giant portion of the stands had been reserved for Ranger Veterans and their families. Anyway, after searching hard for a seat I finally saw a smallish space between two ladies half way up the stands, I asked them if my mother-in-law and I could squeeze in and they happily agreed. It turns out they were their in honor of their Uncle who was sitting behind me ( and deaf as a post) and who had served with the Army Rangers during WWII. As I talked to these ladies who had true respect and pride in their uncle and I then shared my own pride in my own brand new Ranger, I was struck by how little we have left of that. Pride.

Pride in the true bravery and honor these men have shown by serving our country during the wars of our past and present. I absolutely believe that that deaf  89 year old played a part in the life I live today. The freedoms that I take so very much for granted. And I believe the men, like my husband who are willing to do their jobs with honor and integrity are holding back unquestionable evils from taking place in our world today.

It makes me mad when people drag politics into today. It makes me sad when people treat today just like a day without mail ( even though that's what I use to do). Because, really today is about the people its about men like my husband, its men like the five Army Rangers who are left that served during WWII and who came from across the country to that Ranger Graduation last month.  Its about the amazing women who are serving in our armed services who are spending huge chunks of their time away from their husbands, their families, their children.  Whatever your current political leanings may be-one cannot deny that kind of sacrifice, that kind of hardship. And so I would like to say my thank you.
I am grateful for the life I live now, the life that gives me opportunity to daily see integrity and honor at work. I am thankful for my husband and the many friends who have sacrificed much.

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Melissa said...

Amen! We are privileged to intimately know what this day truly means.