November 15, 2010

Vitamins for everyone!

On Friday night, Brett and I went on a date.
Yup. I know.
Back when we didn't have kids we'd do what we now call a "date" all the time, we'd go out to eat, we'd do a little shopping ( strike that, we wouldn't have done the shopping because I would have done the shopping at my leisure during the day)...but now, now its called a "date" because now we have to get a baby sitter, and the fact that I've put on mascara makes it a big ol' deal.

And let me tell you it was wonderful, wonderful even when we came home to a SCREAMING baby...poor little dude was so exhausted from the screaming that he went right to sleep in his Daddy's arms before I could even feed him.

But getting a baby sitter makes me feel SO OLD. I mean, it was literally ( not really) just yesterday that I was a 16 year old girl going to some "old peoples" house to baby sit their child...and now its Brett and I. I feel like we're playing house or something and that someones going to jump out and yell, "JUST KIDDING!" any minute...

So, my parents and my sister and bro-in-law ( and I suppose by extension my niece too) are giving me a wonderful birthday present this year...
On Friday my sister is flying all the way from Texas to stay with Ransom so that Brett and I can go to Atlanta for a short little getaway.

I know it seems a bit extreme to some that I'd actually have to FLY a babysitter all the way from Texas, but to be honest, if they hadn't offered then I probably wouldn't be going! It turns out its hard to leave the little kiddo at home for a WHOLE NIGHT without me...but I feel it DEEP WITHIN MY BONES that I NEED this!
And who better to leave Ransom with than my sister?!? She's pretty much as good as the real thing ( minus the having to have bottles instead of me) and I know that I will worry waaaay less about Ransom because she's there with him.
Plus, he'll get some good Aunt Anna bonding time, which is important. :-)
Considering how happy Brett and my date night on Friday night made me....I'm pretty sure a night away is going to rock my little mommy world.

Of course, just to make life more "exciting" Ransom and I are both fighting off a cold. Well, I'm fighting it off...HE has it. Poor little dude. He usually sleeps for a good 9 hours straight, but he's been waking up every few hours ( probably because he can't breathe or has spit out his paci because of a sneeze or cough) and I have to go in and get him all re-situated. Its rough-but honestly, I'm glad we're at least pass the days when I'd have to actually FEED him every few hours at night! I just hope he's over this cold ( and that it doesn't get WORSE) by this weekend :-(

And is it true that if *I* take more vitamins than Ransom, by extension, will get them through his milk?!

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Jillian said...

I don't know about the vitamin thing... but I do know that since you are fighting off a cold, your body is producing antibodies to it. And those antibodies will get passed to Ransom and he will hopefully get better sooner!

Good luck!