November 10, 2010

Mom Mode

So, I'm currently on a grand search to find a babysitter for Friday night because
1. I realized I haven't eaten in a restaurant in 2 months.
2. I'd like to spend some quality "down time" with my husband that doesn't happen after 8:30pm ( when Ransom goes to bed).
3. The above to things are just sad.

Last night Ransom once again proved he doesn't like to go "out" at night when he cried for like thirty minutes at our friends Jeremy and Aurora's house...but then I bounced him on my knee for another thirty minutes and he did this:

Darn he's cute. One just cannot be mad at that cuteness....

And that cuteness is now three months old...where did the time go?
I've definitely turned into a full blown stereotypical mom. For one, I'm still in my workout pants from my morning walk...and its 2pm. Stretchy pants are SO GREAT.  ( <- That link is INSANE I don't know whether to laugh, cry or buy some...)

I also noticed that Brett and I talked waaaay too much about Ransom at dinner last night. It was embarrassing...and yet, WHAT BETTER TO TALK ABOUT?!?

And now Brett and I are getting scary close to being one of those sad couples that don't go out on dates. I can handle the stretchy pants, the incessant talking about Ransom ( because that's fun) but we really HAVE TO go out on a date. For my sanity.

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Lyds said...

Would baby sit Ransom in an instant if I could! :-)