November 22, 2010

One year ( and 26 other ones)

So this time last year Brett and I crossed into Georgia to begin a life at Fort Benning. It was also my 26th birthday. And I was also pregnant. ( though I didn't know it at the time! haha!)

Its amazing to think that we've now lived in Georgia/Alabama for a WHOLE YEAR and for the first time in a long time we're not planning on moving any time soon. This is a new one for the army and us and I'm looking forward to continuing putting "down roots" so to speak-because at least in Army-world, three years is FOREVER.

But, this first year at Fort Benning was not easy. Probably one of my hardest-and Brett wasn't even deployed! Being pregnant was IN-SANE. And for some reason breaking into the ministry and social scene here at Benning was much much harder for me to do then at other places we've lived.

To add to that,  in the last few months I've struggled with the ups and downs of motherhood....and so in a lot of ways 26 was one of the biggest years of personal growth I think I've ever had!!

As I sit here on the couch thinking about all my different birthdays I feel like this might be the most grown-up one I've had. Mostly because Brett told me "happy birthday" at 6am this morning when I was up feeding Ransom and I had literally forgotten it was my birthday....I don't think that's EVER happened ( usually I've very self-involved) so, for at least a whole moment....but then I wrote this blog post so I guess that covered that moment right on up.

Happy Birthday to me.


Rachael said...

Happy Birthday!! Hopefully the next year won't be quite so rough.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how much our lives can change with kids?! Growth is good...painful at times...but good. I hope you and Brett have some special time together. Happy Birthday!