January 31, 2011

A day of rest

I realized this weekend that I have not been doing my day of rest right.  Brett and I have supposedly been setting aside Saturdays as our "Sabbath" and yet, I still end up being tired and stressed by the end of the day! Why?!?!

Because we usually spend this "day of rest" at home with Ransom...and so, for all intents and purposes it looks very much like every other day...UNLESS I make it seem different.

And so on Saturday I threw caution to the wind and we all went out for Chick-fil-a. And then we came home and watched Star Trek...I left the house a mess. I did not do laundry even though it was over flowing out of the basket. I did not do dishes even though we had some leftover dishes that needed to be done for the party that we threw on Friday night. I was lazy. And it was REALLY IMPORTANT.

I STILL feel a bit refreshed two days later. And I am grateful.

Incidentally, as a bonus-the guy who's living with us-Hayden, offered to babysit Ransom and since he spends a lot of time watching me take care of him, and playing with him when he's home...I felt really comfortable leaving Ransom with him so that we could go see The King's Speech. * This was ALSO a huge treat since we're going to be having a babysitter tonight as well ( we're going to see Beauty and the Beast at the local theatre with a bunch of friends) and so I feel like I'm being hugely spoiled to be away from my child multiple times in a matter of days....

I really do think I'm a better parent to Ransom when I've had a break every so often though, and I'm currently praying about whether or not I can schedule a time once a week, during the week for me to be away from him for a few hours...so far I do not see a way for this to happen without me putting him in Hourly Care ( which I do not want to do). But I'm praying about it. At the moment I feel like I just HANG ON to the thought of Brett coming home every evening so that I can get a bit of help, but that attitude is really not the one I need to have. Poor Brett is working hard all day, and while he LOVES spending time with Ransom in the evening, and would never complain about helping me out whenever he can, I need to make sure that my attitude towards him is not Raggedy Housewife when he gets home...things need to change, some way, some how.

*SUCH a good movie! I totally recommend it!!! the soundtrack, the acting, the incredible true story...it was really a wonderful piece of storytelling!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Girl! I stayed home for 12 years and it was a beautiful idea to take my sweet babies to a quality Mother's Day Out for 3 hours weekly at a local church. Then, when they were three, they attended pre-school 3 mornings a week. They learned so much and loved loved making friends! I adored my babies, I adored staying home with them and I adored a few hours of respite each week. It did give me more perspective and hey, I have fabulous girls! Don't worry!

Debbi Oakes