February 01, 2011

Crafts at eye level

Last week in the midst of Ransom cutting two teeth and learning how to sit up all on his own...I also threw Brett a birthday party.

In preparation for this party, I made a banner out of felt. I was excited about this banner because with the added bonus of it being made out of felt, I could easily make letters for it that said, "Happy Birthday Brett" and then take those letters off and have it say, "Happy Birthday Ransom" or "Merry Christmas" or "Welcome Home"...or whatever I wanted it to say! So, I went to Hobby Lobby, I used scissors ( which is hard for me as a lefty!) and I spent a whole afternoon making my banner...

I then hung it up over the windows in the dinning room.

And then Brett came home. He was home for several hours. A whole evening in fact. And he had dinner in the dinning room and was later sitting on the couch, in the spot on the couch where you are looking DIRECTLY at the banner from the living room...and I finally said, "What do you think of your banner?"

"What banner?"


And thus proceeded a "lively" discussion of HOW in the WORLD(!!) could Brett have missed the beautiful banner. ( For the record, he says it was because it wasn't at "eye level" and that he never really "looks up")

So, a day passes. And the next day is Brett's actual birthday. And we're having dinner with Hayden ( the guy who is currently living in our attic) and somehow I bring up the banner again ( because, HELLO!?! I'm super proud of it!! I'm not a crafty person so the fact that I could make ANYTHING that turned out even half-way decent deserves some MAJOR PROPS!) and at this point Hayden looks up at the banner and does one of those little almost indistinguishable little jumps and says, "OH! I didn't notice it! Nice!"

At first I thought he was joking and I said, "Did you hear Brett and I talking about the banner yesterday and that's why you didn't say anything?!" 

Apparently not. 

And so that's when I really lost it! I was like, "DUDE! You ate Dinner and Breakfast and then lunch in this room and you are JUST NOW noticing the banner?!?" 

And once again the whole "eye level" concept came up. And I may have also said something about "never making anything nice ever again"...but whatever the case. Crafty things are completely LOST on the boys in my home. 

Lucky for me I have very nice girl friends who commented on the banner almost IMMEDIATELY upon entering my home. Because how could you NOT?!? Its a super cute banner. 



Stacey said...


Amy Bushatz said...

I, for the record, did immediately notice the banner (though i did not say anything pronto) ... and it's probably a boy thing.
Meh, boys.

Anonymous said...

Men do not notice things!! We are very unobservant!!

Brien Abt

Esther said...

HAHAHA! I cracked up. Oh oblivious boys - endlessly entertaining.

Anonymous said...

That is SO funny!!! I was laughing out loud reading this :) From the picture, it most definitely is a beautiful banner. Next time you can hang it across the doorway to the dining room. That way they have to walk through it to get there :P


Katie said...

I love Brett's defense! so funny :)

Anonymous said...

I have always decorated our house for every holiday...4th of July, Fall colors, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter...and, with the exception of Christmas, none of the boys in our home (yes! even your very thoughtful cousins) ever said a word about them.
BUT, the year Joel left for college, I was a bit down and, when he came home during the second semester, he asked where the Valentine decorations were?? "Because you always decorate the house."
I don't even know the moral of that story. It just stands on its own.
Aunt Donnave