January 07, 2011


UMM!!! I'm thinking about using some swears right  now because that seems like the ONLY THING that can fully express what just happened...

I mean, NO SOONER had I posted the below blog post, and Ransom had finally slept for a whole 15 minutes and I was considering the Great Move towards his bed when the DOOR BELL RINGS.

This wakes up Ransom a little bit, but not totally.
So I say a silent prayer that they won't ring it again...and I WILL Ransom to not fully wake up.



I didn't come to the door with the ringing, is BANGING such a great idea?!?!

So, I get up, steam LITERALLY coming forth from my ears, leaving my now screaming child in his bed and proceed to the front door.

Typical Plumber Looking Dude ( and all that implies) is standing there. He's like, "So, I've tried to fix your leaky ceiling before, but, uh....I guess that didn't work. So, uh. I'm going to come back on Monday and hopefully fix it."


After NOT attending to my leaky roof for THREE MONTHS you decide this is the day to come tell me that you're going to come on MONDAY?! Is that SO?!?

I've entered the THIRD LEVEL of angry right now.
( this means that I called my friend Amy and vented to her and that was not enough, and so I called my sister Anna and vented to her and that was not enough either...and so NOW I'm venting to my blog...and I'll probably go ahead and promote this to a level FOUR when Brett gets home ( lucky him).


Amy Bushatz said...

LOL. I can feel the radiating heat of your wrath all the way over here. I'm sure if Brett stopped and said "what - WHAT is that strange warmth?" from over at work he'd realize it was you. And then at least he'd be warned!

But angry rightly so. I mean really it's not enough that your roof has been leaking for THREE MONTHS ... but banging? And then you left out the "did not care about child" part. That always PISSES ME OFF.

So maybe some yogurt would cool you down nicely!

Also: unrelated. Today I'm standing in the pharmacy room at the hospital and over the intercom someone says "code blue at hospital entrance" and NO JOKE bout 25 people run in that direction! And then about a minute later they say "code stork at the front entrance" which Im not sure is a real thing, but I was going to come up on the spot with a code name for someone having a baby, that's what I'd say. Anyway, then I go outside and theres 25 people helping one person! And that was the moment that I decided that if I ever was really tired of waiting for help again I'd pretend to pass out, there's be a "code blue" and SO MANY PEOPLE would come to help!

Monica said...

I TOTALLY hear ya on this one. We had so many interrupted naps that I made a little sign that lives above the doorbell and says "please knock...baby is sleeping!". And guess what...they STILL ring the dang bell. Inconsiderate (or maybe just illeterate) jerks!

Anonymous said...

Disconnect the doorbell! I did that because somehow that is the MOST disturbing sound in the world! Then, also, post a sign that says, "Baby sleeping...and, so am I. Please leave a note." Provide pen and paper.
I am with you on this one...hated that!!
Aunt Donnave