February 03, 2011


What a great word, asunder ( torn apart). I got a verse in my time with Jesus this week that was most definitely for a friend of mine and I've been praying it for her ever since....

He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death,
   and burst their bonds asunder. Ps 107:14

And then as the week progressed it seemed that there were more dear ones to pray this verse for, and the very Hardness and Imperfection of this Life became all too real. 

To be honest with you sometimes it takes my breath away, when I hear about the unfairness that seems to happen to really wonderful people. When you hear of hardships and grief and reaching the end of ropes and standing on the edges of cliffs all things that make me long for the Kingdom of Heaven. Its when we're all broken apart ( asunder) that my need for Jesus becomes all the clearer...

Brett began working in a part of Fort Benning called "Kelley Hill" soon after he finished Ranger School, and our prayer even before he started the job was that we would be able to start a Bible Study there on Kelley Hill to reach the soldiers that lived and worked there. And then months passed. It seemed that doors were not really just shut, they were just not even there. There were just walls with no doors. 
And then this past weekend things began to change in my times with Jesus. I would be reading along and I would just stop and write "Kelley Hill" really big in my journal. It was just ON MY MIND. 
I know that it was on Brett's mind too... one of the aspects of Brett's job is that he deals with "situations" that might arise with soldiers- and that has just shown us all the more clearly how MUCH the men and women there really need the Love of Christ. They need healing, they need bonds broken asunder. There are just so many people hurting. 
And then yesterday a door appeared. And before Brett could even text me about the "door" the door OPENED. And he got permission to begin Bible Studies. TODAY. 
It was oddly surprising to me that after so many months of nothing. God would have things move so quickly! I say "oddly" because I shouldn't be surprised. 
If there is anything I've learned about the Lord its that His movements are usually invisible. So invisible that sometimes all I see is the Darkness and the Shadow of Death ever looming, sometimes all I see is the bonds that seem to hold on so tightly. 
But, there is a promise. The promise from above. He will bring us out. He will break all these things asunder. He will Heal. He will stand True. He will show Himself to be Good. He will show Himself Faithful. 

Sometimes its easier to believe in the Lord's goodness when I take a look at those shoes...on those little fat legs...


Lindsay O'Connor said...

Thanks for sharing this encouragement!

Alisha and Mark said...

This post was much needed today! You have no idea! :)

Anonymous said...

Great, Abigail! Been missing y'all. Sounds as if things are moving right along without me. :-D
Aunt Donnave

Amy K. said...

At first I thought the verse said "and burst their bodies asunder," which made little sense given the rest of your post. Did I mention it's my job to read? ;)