February 14, 2011

Put your hands up

Happy Valentine's Day!

thanks to http://www.purlbee.com  for this adorable picture! 

I'm actually quite the fan of Valentine's Day overall! Even though I never had a boyfriend until I met Brett, the day was still always special because I had a really wonderful Papa who made my sister and I filled loved by always remembering to get us sweet little gifts ( personal favorites from over the years: Titanic Soundtrack CD, sour cherry candies, delicate gold hoop earrings, little notes written on brown paper...my father is  the best!)
And isn't THAT what this day should be about?! Making sure the people around you feel loved like they should?!
I spent most of yesterday making Valentine's Day cookies for friends ( and not just because my sugar cookie recipe is such an amazing mix of cream cheese and sugar that I CAN'T STOP MAKING ) THEM!) and this afternoon I spent some time going around delivering cookies. FUN!
So sugar-high, plus delivering cookies, plus Brett coming home for lunch ( he hardly ever gets to do this) plus a "day of love" I was all together happy till I came home to facebook statuses...



I am blessed with a lot of wonderful strong brilliant beautiful friends who are still single and I am so sad when I see them feeling that somehow their lives are not complete till they find themselves a man. And so I went back to the archives of Abigail's Day and I pulled out a doozy for you today. When I wrote this post I was decidedly single. I had not "met" Brett yet, and a married life was something I wanted but didn't see happening any time soon. And now, when re-reading this post I must say....I still  feel the same way. We are called my friends to be complete and WHOLE people in Christ Jesus. And so this is my Valentine's gift to you. I know that it seems that the world around us is bent upon making today about "coupledom" and "romance"...but I'd like to counter some of that with a little bucking up, a little reminder that if you are, in fact, single today...that doesn't mean you aren't still a FANTASTIC PERSON:

All the single ladies...

xoxo, Abigail


Esther said...

Oh my dear, I've missed your singleness soapboxing ;)

Alex said...

Thanks Abigail! Your 2005 post was so true! We can serve God no less as single people, and evidently God's plan is for us to be single at this time! Its good to be reminded of, as it is easy to forget because we are fed romance as being the most important love in so many places.

Life as I know it said...

I will be blogging about this very thing once I get a free minute from work. You're so right!

Anonymous said...

So glad that you reposted your 2005 blog. It is so relevant...every day, it is relevant. This is coming from someone who has been married over 40 years and sees that her OWN ministry, while tied to her husbands, is separate and different and TA-DA...equally important. So is my relationship to Christ...in fact, I cannot sharemy husband's relationship with Christ.
Yours relationship and ministry is the same! Please do not settle!
Yay! Abigail and Happy Valentine's Day!
Aunt Donnave

Anna M. said...

I agree with everything! Good blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Abigail, you make me so happy! :) This is so true in every way! Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Abigail :) I've finally come home to my computer and i'm glad you posted this for valentine's day! It's nice to know I'm not the only one and I'm not crazy... ok, maybe I am, but the first part still holds true!