June 27, 2011

Its best

After a week in a gorgeously perfect Beach House ( if you have children under 1...or heck, children at all...or heck you're just a messy eater-than I recommend vacationing in a place that has an amazing laundry room) where we ate like Kings and chillaxed like....something that is known for Chillaxing....the only thing to be done after a week like that is....

To get three wisdom teeth taken out.

Its important to note that Ransom is also going through a "I dont enjoy taking naps but I do enjoy shrieking and having you hold me if you're in the room" phase.

Its also important to note that Brett's having to work extra late tonight.

And lets not forget that I just literally SUCKED DOWN some scrambled eggs and my mouth STILL HURTS. ( one way to loose the added "Eating like Kings" pounds). So I'm cranky about that.

And so, you'd THINK that I'd be about to complain to you. But I'm not. I'm just pointing out facts. In fact, the last two facts are the best:

Keri-she's a dream who took care of the non-sleeping-Ransom during my "ordeal" at the dentist.
Amy-took care of Ransom for me for a few hour this afternoon so that I could sit on my couch without moving.

Basically I've hardly had to take care of my child at all today..which was an unforeseen blessing.

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Anonymous said...

awww. i hope you feel better!