June 16, 2011

It's gonna be good!!

On saturday we're packing up the car with treats and beach towels and a whole bunch of baby stuff ( seriously, that kid requires a TON of stuff!) and headed to St Simons Island on the Georgia Coast.

I cant even TELL you how long and hard my sister and I scoured the internets to find the perfect beach house only to have Brett's boss turn down the dates available*. But when all looked terribly bleak and I would have given up if it wasn't for the dream of a week at the beach, that we finally found a place that fit our needs. 

My TRUE dream for a family vacation is several weeks-Brett and I stay at a beach house and then we have a week with his family and a week with mine-but I'll take at least HALF of that dream and be perfectly gitty with excitement. I mean, I looooove any time that I can get with our families, but its usually rushed and I spend every minute calculating how much time we're spending with my family and how much time we're spending with Brett's Mom and family and madly trying to figure out how to make it as even as possible, Breakfast here, lunch there,  Ransom nap, visit there, go back here, etc. etc. 
Now, don't get me wrong our families are beyond gracious about having to share us every time we visit, but its more that I WANT to spend as much time as possible with both and thus our hearts are divided, not the most relaxing "vacation" ever...and such is the down side of having families that live in the same town.
And then when Ransom was born I realized the coolest thing! Our families could come visit US and THEN we'd have 100 percent undivided attention!!! YAAAAY! 
Of course, such trips are hard and can't happen very often, but I love, love, love them when they do! Knowing we can have UNLIMITED time with just a few people makes my heart warm. 
And thus our beach vacation: 
 I love the thought of getting up in the morning and knowing that we don't have to go anywhere unless we want to, that we can stay in our swimsuits or PJs or a mix between both-all day and not a soul will notice or care. 
I am looking forward to all the yummy foods we will be consuming ( too bad I've already gained five pounds this summer! What's going on there?!?) and all the beach fun we'll be having, the quant town exploring and the family time we'll be soaking in. Oh its gonna be good! 

*Oh Army, how sneaky you are...saying that we get vacation time, but never giving us very much time in advance to plain. Oh, Army, do you not know that vacation spots during the summer fill up FAST?!? Do you not know that finding a place that's up to our standards is virtually impossible a month out?!? Oh Army how you DO vex me sometimes. 

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the emsta said...

I am sooo jealous!

We are getting a month of vacation with our families, but only at the beach for like 3 days....sooooo jealous