July 14, 2011

A Grown up Marriage

I remember the first year I knew I had grown up. It was the year I worked on my birthday, and Christmas day...for me those days, even if they didn't hold birthday cake or presents, were still days you got to do whatever you wanted. Well, welcome to adulthood honey...not so.
Don't get me wrong, its not that dreary...its just that when those days came in went and I had to work and pay bills and do Real Life Activities and it didn't actually Kill Me or anything (haha)...well, I realized that life was not all roses, but that it, DID have roses mixed in and that's what really matters..

So, here we are reaching another "growing up" milestone, but first off for perspective lets look back...
This time last year, we did this: were lazy at home...
This time two years ago, we did this: Were enjoying R&R in Washington.
This time three years ago, we did this: were lazy in Victoria, BC
This time 4 years ago, we did this: Had a big "party" and went to the Bahamas

Ok, so now we come to today. Brett's at work and I went to the gym and plan to do some house cleaning. ahhhhhhh! Happy Anniversary Honey! ;-)
But you know what, I know we'll celebrate ( we're planning on living it up on Saturday by going to see the LAST HARRY POTTER MOVIE WHICH I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT I COULD SCREAM and going to eat yummy yummy steaks), but I also know its about celebrating EVERY day. I know we've grown into our marriage. And not that I wouldn't take a day off, or a vacation or another honeymoon...but I know that we do not need such things to make our marriage memorable and fun. And so, ironically ( because I'm talking about being "grown up" and about how excited I am about a kids movie all in the same post....yeah) I feel like we're grown ups now.
Of course, we haven't even GOTTEN to year five yet...but I'm looking forward to it being just as wonderful. Wonderful because I am married to a man who puts Christ before all things, who loves me with his actions and words, who loves our son with all his heart, who loves others with an equal passion and caring heart that I wish I could emulate.  I am forever grateful that the Lord gave me such a wonderful husband and continues to fulfill His promises to us through our marriage verse:

I will give the one heart and one way, that they may fear me forever, for their own good and the good of their children after them. ~Jer 32:39 


mktgaggie05 said...

Happy anniversary, Abigail and Brett!

Tabitha said...

Awwww. Super cute photo. Happy Anniversary! It does NOT seem like four years have passed.

Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary! Your marriage is inspiring and I'm so glad to know you both. Ransom will grow up to know what real love looks like.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary- love you both(& Ransom!)

Yo Mama

twaters said...

Sounds very close to mine and Ben's four years :)