August 29, 2011

We're moving!!!

Don't freak out. We aren't ACTUALLY moving...but that's definitely how I'm feeling of late. I know that I am way behind on giving you a follow up from my last dramatic post. But here's what's happened in a nutshell. First off, God was good and reminded me of, well, just how blessed I really am...and he also gently reminded me of all those who are probably much lonelier than I am. But, also in the mix I got this great email from a friend, one of those friends everyone should have...the kind who know you so well and who've known you for so long they can pull out the laundry list of all the things that God has done before and stick it in your face. Anyway, she was kind enough to remind me that this is how I felt when I first moved to New Zealand. And its how I felt when I first moved back to Texas. And when I first moved to Washington. And when I moved to Kansas and locked myself in the trunk , or the time I moved back to Washington. Or when I first moved to Fort Benning....
Well, anyway since you see a pattern here, I was annoyed ( at first) because I was like WE DIDN'T MOVE!!  I mean, its all well and good to feel alone and without friends and fellowship when you've just moved but WE'RE STILL HERE!!

However, it wasn't until several days later that another friend was visiting with us and he was talking about how God moves us so that we'll grow, that we'll spread out. So that we'll spread the gossip ( Acts 8:1)...and it hit me! Sure, we haven't physically moved, but we ARE starting a brand new chapter. A chapter where Brett's work is gonna be a 24/7 kind of deal, a chapter where our lives will look much much different from how they've looked up till now. And so, in that, it some how has helped me to think that we've moved again. That these feeling are normal and they are forcing me out of my comfort zone YET AGAIN. But, the hope in that is that community will once again be around the corner. I met today with my dear friend Melissa. Her husband also works on Kelley Hill and Brett and I have always known that we were "partners" in taking the Hill for Christ with Melissa and her Hubs...however, some how that's gotten lost in our busy busy schedule. But we're taking it back. Taking back our fellowship with one another, and hopefully in that we'll all be a little more encouraged in the Work we have set before us! God is faithful.
THANK YOU blog readers for your continued support, wonderful emails of encouragement and sometimes admonishment. I can always trust you to tell me the truth! Thanks :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you didn't really move! The car story reminds me of how pathetic I am in my self-misery when I have those days. Praying you find renewed purpose :) I think you might have something with Melissa :) I wish I had a friend over here to talk to about my days, but it seems that the only folks I end up talking to are male. And we all know that you just can't talk the same way with them :/ Sigh. Do you have skype? and time to do so?

Anonymous said...

So glad that God has shown you your purpose, once again. I think that was the real "down" of your story. We all find it hard to move on or keep the faith or even be a good friend when we lose sight of what God is doing. But, your good friend came along side to remind you (I'm thinking we have a pretty faithful God to send her at that point.) I love you, Abigail...and, one of the big reasons is thinkgs like, you putting in your blog about being locked in the trunk of your car in Kansas (never heard that story). Only a wonderful, secure, and really "together" person would have the temerity to tell the world!!

Aunt Donnave