January 09, 2012

35 minutes of free joy.

So during my run this morning, I ran by the back of one of those non-discript Army buildings (WHAT do they DO inside all those buildings?!?)  where there is a dumpster. And next to said dumpster was a bookcase ( sadly destroyed by last nights rain). And  metal  industrial shelves ( not yet fully destroyed by rain!). And I immediately thought,  "Hmmmmm, what else do I have to do today but take those shelves off the hands of that dumpster!?"

And so after my run, and after talking to Brett on Facetime, Ransom and I piled into the car and I wedged the metal shelves into the back of my car....I even thought to bring a tarp so as not to ruin my car insides. This was smart since they shelves were wet, dirty and covered in leaves.

So I brought them home, waited for Ransom to go down for his nap ( which, P.S. He is STILL asleep!! He's been down for OVER 2 hours! WOO!) , then I cleaned up that bad boy and BOOM! I turned my back stairwell from this:

Into THIS:

And the whole process took less then an HOUR!! YAY!!


The Spychallas said...

Awesome on finding them DURING YOUR RUN and for your great organization of your back stairwell! Yay for free shelves!

Anonymous said...



JCB said...

Nicely done!!!

Anonymous said...

Good job!