July 13, 2012


We're going on holiday over the next few weeks and I'm excited. Though the excitement has been outweighed considerably by all the things I need to do before we leave and just how little I want to do any of them...Baby 1 and Baby 2 seem to have not decided to let up on the exhaustion and nausea that is usually just a first trimester thing....I'm hoping against hope that they decide to at LEAST give me a break while we're traveling. Right babies? I mean I did buy you some giant, comfy maternity shorts to chill in...and I also bought you a huge ( and by huge I mean...huge) swim suit that does not pinch or pooch in any uncomfortable places and also makes me look like a shiny black killer whale. I did all these things for you, sweet babies...so be good and give mommy a break! Let her do some laundry, clean out the fridge, pack suitcases and make up guest beds ( we're having a very special visitor while we're away!! And I have to make the house homey for her!!*). And Babies, if you're really good I promise to feed you Dill pickle flavored Pringles ( I am a cliche) and those awesome animal cracker cookies that are covered in pink and white icing and sprinkles.. Yup. Don't say I never did anything for you....

I've decided to take a break from social media while we're out of town. Its always a nice time to take a breather...and I've been feeling rather convicted lately at how often I check facebook and twitter on my phone in a given day. I've decided to keep instagram going though since with beach house time plus some family reunion times...I'm thinking pictures will still be very necessary! Feel free to follow me at abigailsday on instagram.

* My good friend Adelaide is coming back from her deployment in the next week or so and she'll be using our house as her first "home base"! I am SOO excited about her coming home safe and sound and I can't wait to see her when we get home!! It's really kind of nice to finally have someone returning instead of leaving this summer...I've lost three friends in the last 2 months and I'm a bit bummed about it!

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Anonymous said...

Aww! I'm so happy to get to see you guys when you get back from vacation!