July 03, 2012

What are the odds?

Lately Math has been a real comfort to me. And that is the first and ( probably) last time I will ever use that sentence...but here's why:

I've never been good at math. So I will leave the real calculations to someone else, instead, I will "round" as I so want to do in my life and I will share with you the craziness of our life.

First, let me just go ahead by reviewing "old" news and remind you that I'm having twins. After some scientific googling I learned that my odds of having twins naturally ( i.e. we're young don't have twins in our families, are not on fertility drugs etc) are a 3% chance.

Woo. 3 percent.

Well, we rocked that percentage.

Now, on to even more technical things that I didn't even begin to want to know about until I found that I was having those odds defying twins.
Having fraternal twins is about a 1.7% chance, however thats mostly taking into account people that take fertility drugs ( which we were NOT) and women who are a little older ( which I am not). But, lets ignore all that and head into the other possiblity: identical twins. There is a .4% that one will have identical twins.

*side bar* This percentages make NO sense to me...especially since none of them add up to 100 in my book, but whatevs....I'm going with the all knowing internet because I need these statistics to make my point which is coming, I promise.  *end sidebar*

Woo. POINT FOUR percent.

Well, we rocked it.

Now, on to even tinier numbers....of that .4 percent, 1% of those identical twins share both a sack of amniotic fluid AND a placenta. Its pretty much as high risk as you can get but most people don't have it happen....

Woo. Well, I guess I don't even have to tell you that we rocked this percentage too...

According to the head of the OB department, my two babies are already learning to share at the very early age of 12 weeks.

Ok, so this is where I leave you to do your own math because, as I mentioned before...I don't do maths...but basically what is 1% of .4% of 3%??

Is that even a number?!?

Can I just go ahead and say our two babies are some kind of CRAZINESS from the Lord?!?! Ok good. I'm glad we all agree. And now, since I found out today that I will have to wait ANOTHER MONTH to have this information confirmed by the specialists in Columbus ( The Army will no longer take care of me because I'm so high risk...awww...sweet) I am left with a lot of what ifs. The internet is not at all kind when it comes to the statistics on babies who are sharing both a sack of amniotic fluid and a placenta but I am comforted by the data I listed above. If the Lord can defy all THOSE odds in give us these babies.....well, then He can also take care of them, keep them safe and bring them into this world in His own perfect timing.  Do not ask me the complications of what all that sharing will bring for my babies. Look it up yourself...but lets just say its not what an expectant mommy wants to here. However, like I said...we're all in Good Hands.


Lindsay O'Connor said...

You are absolutely right. When I thought I'd had a miscarriage and then found out I hadn't, I remember thinking, not only did God want me to have a baby, He wanted me to have THIS baby, not just any baby. Praising God for THOSE two specific babies He has given you!

Melissa said...

Whoa!!! You have the baby trump card!

You are being lifted up in prayer every day, and your babies are so loved!