September 17, 2012

Another chapter

The last few days have been a bit more relaxed around here, due probably 99% to our dear friend Tabitha who arrived from Vancouver for her "vacation" aka...waiting on us hand and foot. When I said in my post about the girls names that baby Tabitha would have a wonderful real life example I was not kidding....Tabitha is a gem. Bonus: Ransom can now say "Tabitha" perfectly.

So, I am grateful for this last week which definitely was full on highs and lows, including some scary news and a hospital visit....I think now I've just come to expect such things and didn't even blog about it....because, hey, we're dealing with some high risk stuff here and me going into preterm labor is literally a daily possibility. That being said, Brett and I did some soul searching and decided that even though it will mean us being apart and Ransom only getting to see his Daddy on long weekends and some short weekends too (hopefully!)....the hardship of all that is worth having Tabitha in the BEST possible place for her medically....sooooooo.....back to Texas we early as Thursday.

My doctors agree that I am tentatively stable as of "right now", I will literally have an appointment on Wednesday just to make sure...but that that window is fast closing so if I want to go to Texas, I better go soon.

But let me be totally honest with you, it's very hard for me to go back to Houston, especially without Brett by my side. As much as I appreciated our stay there ( enough for me to believe that we will get THE best care for Tabitha there), I did not have the best of times....we lost our daughter there, and we dealt with much of our grieving there too. While coming back to Georgia has had its major was still home, and I will always be a homebody. 

I am continually reminding myself that a lot of my worry for Ransom regarding homesickness and displacement is probably just projection on my part. Lucky for me, my sweet boy is actually very very adaptable and at the lovely age of two I can also be thankful that he'll probably not even remember much of what is going on.... Other than the extra time having fun with family members and Texas loved-ones that he wouldn't normally have...

And so, tomorrow we say goodbye to Tabitha and we begin the process of leaving for Texas. Did I me too, that Brett is in the field this week? Cool. No bigs....I've got my Georgia girlfriends for one more week and I am sooooo blessed by their kindnesses.  


JCB said...

I'm glad you'll be in Texas soon, because you and Tabitha can get the care you need, and you'll have family around. I hope Brett will be able to visit lots! Praying for you!

TiffanyTaylor898 said...

We are still praying for you hear in El Paso and others that I have called on. I have a friend that has an amazing story about all that God has brought her through having a micro-premi she can be a great source of information and comfort as you head into the next phase of your journey. I recommend letting as many people in on everything that is going on so that we can pray and share in the miracle that God is going to do in your life.

Tiffany Taylor