December 04, 2012

Happy Pictures

It's only fair that after Sunday's diatribe I return with a bit more cheer... 

I am currently stuck in my room with a head-cold ( I'm particularly aware of my contagious nature because of my sweet little friends who live here at the Ronald McDonald house. The LAST thing I would ever want to do is give someone with a low white cell count a cold).  

Luckily my wonderful father got my computer fixed for me and returned it to me yesterday! I'm excited because, while my iPad rocks my world, my computer has something special. It has 79,389 pictures on it. Yup. That's right. From 2006 straight on until 2012 that's how many pictures I've taken and kept. Luckily before my computer completely bit the dust, I backed it all up on an external hard drive and luckily that worked and I am now back in the company of pictures...

So, even though it seems like a world away, I will share pictures that make me happy: 

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Anonymous said...

No wonder these pictures bring a smile...your little guy is just precious!!