January 27, 2013

A mother of two...

Today Tabitha is 3 weeks old and two days, and I will have my very first day of parenting two children by myself.
I'm glad the day will have finally arrive. It's been hanging over me for much longer than Tabitha has been alive- the fear of being outnumbered by little people...
However, I received a double jogging stroller as a gift ( what amazingly generous friends I have!!) and I now I feel like if worse comes to worse I'll pile both of them into the stroller and we'll walk until my legs fall off or their lungs fall out... Which ever comes first.
So, speaking of my most generous gift... It was not the only one I received! This weekend I was given the sweetest shower for Tabitha, and honestly once again I was overcome by the generosity of others... I kept thinking things like... " this is my second baby! Second babies don't get showers!" But I was SO blessed by the love of my sweet friends and just being able to look around the room at women who I'd so missed living day to day life with over the last four or five months, reminded me again of the larger community that got us through our trial. We were never alone, The Lord really did provide such Help in time of need... So how can I doubt that He can't get me through today on four hours of sleep? ?! Truly minor in comparison. Hehe

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