January 31, 2013

Never say never

Never ever make a vow. Or say anything that begins with "This is the last time..."  Or " I'll never..." Because that will NOT work out for you, for INSTANCE:

Lets say after four months of doctors and hospitals and myself and my daughter were free to go, I said one or both...but then, we came home to Georgia and before I had even ENTERED THE HOUSE....I reached my hand into our mail box and was ATTACKED by a BAT!!! Which may or may not have bitten me ( apparently they have very tiny teeth...but are also very dangerous so you have to get the Rabies shot "just in case")

Sooooooo, on my very first day in my home after months and months, I spent the morning in the ER getting 6 shots, which PS was bad, but not as bad as having a baby which I'd done the week before so I was able to compare.....ANYWAYS, I still had a pretty good attitude, I mean there is some humor in getting bit by a bat (?) ...and so I maaaaay have said one of those above sweeping statements about the ER and headed home.....

Only to have to return a few hours later when I got a super high fever and thought I was dying. Turns out it was a UTI. Random. But it may or may not have been caused by all those shots....that has yet to be confirmed....but wait... THERE IS MORE.
So, I have to have FOUR follow up doses of rabies shots, which took me back to the hospital several more times,  and one EXTRA time because for one of my shots the clinic said it would be open but it wasn't so I had to come back the next day...which was awesome, because its super easy for Brett to get away from work to watch our kids!
However, the last dose was on Tuesday and I as I left I let out a huge sigh of relief and thought those dangerous words once more..."THIS HAD TO BE THE LAST TIME, RIGHT?!"

 But THEN right after my last dose I got a SUPER HIGH FEVER AGAIN!!!
Which brings us to yesterday where I thought I would die while taking Tabitha to a planned doctors appointment ( her doctor was so concerned he gave me three Motrin before he would let me leave)...so luckily Brett was able to watch the kids while I went to the hospital clinic and get diagnosed with....Mastitis! Yay!! Another totally awesome thing to have!!

But as I left, I thought YET AGAIN: "Surely this is the last time I will have to be here!!"

But no, tonight, when I was taking my medicine for the mastitis I noticed I was not given the right amount of pills to complete the series... Which means....YUP, you guessed it! Tomorrow I 'll be headed back to the hospital pharmacy to get my prescription sorted out.
But one thing I know for certain, when I leave there tomorrow, I will turn and mentally tell the hospital that I will see it tomorrow...because I've learned my lesson....with me, it's never over.

Edit: oh, and I wrote this whole post and published it and then remembered that in the middle of all that drama I also had the one piece of dental work in my head BREAK OFF so I should also mention I went to the dentist twice.... And who doesn't love THAT?!


SW said...

Sounds like a very good stand-up comedy routine. You should be able to drive there blindfolded. Sorry you have had such a rough time--smile and continue to praise God so "you know who" is left out in the cold. We love you.
Aunt Sheron

Rachael said...

You're right, I think everyone would watch the Abigail Reality Show...the networks don't know what they are missing!!