January 20, 2013

Not about babies... Mostly

Today Tabitha is two weeks old. It seems like a lot longer than that. Mostly because I just read in psalms that The Lord "gives sleep to his beloved" and maaaaaan is that a good gift that I'm not receiving right now ;-)

Anyway, when you have a newborn it's hard to think past the next feeding and more importantly the next time you're going to get some sleep. However, there is something else pretty big going on in the Wilson household and I'm pretty excited to tell you the story....

So, this story starts a while ago. Over a year ago. Maybe 2....when Brett went on a prayer walk to seek God about what we should be doing. If I remember correctly Brett was asking more for confirmation regarding what we were already doing, but as it usually is with God, He said what HE wanted to say... And that was regarding the story of Elijah and Elisha and long story short Brett felt like God was telling him that we should follow our friend's Chuck and Deb Wood in their ministry, helping them in their work.
Brett came home and told me. And we discussed what that would probably mean for our future plans....Well, we thought, this must mean we'll be staying in Georgia because that was the Woods' home base, their house was here, Deb's parents were here.... So, I made my peace with more
Georgia in my future ( not my fav)... But not long afterwards we had the Woods over for dinner and Brett told them what God had told him. ( it's kind of awkward to tell someone that God told you to stalk them around, but Chuck and Deb took it well...) and then they told US something equally crazy. The same week God told Brett to follow Chuck wherever he went, God told Chuck to go to San Antonio, Tx. An equally "crazy" request in worldly terms. They were told to get rid of all their possessions, and head to Texas to start from scratch, reaching the city of San Antonio for Jesus.
And so all of a sudden the whole "follow wherever" thing had much more meaning for us!
I must admit I was excited... It was almost like as they said it, my heart said, "of course! THAT'S where we are suppose to go!"

But "going" friends, is much harder than one might think. Especially if you're relying on the Army to send you where you want to go, or more specifically if you want to go to a primarily medical military post and you're an infantry officer. There are just not many jobs there for you! However, we still had all of company command to get through here in Georgia and so our future plans had to take a back burner for a while. But, as we discussed it we realized that if the time came and we weren't offered a job through the Army in SA, then the only thing to do was to get out of the Army and go at it as civilians.

( this was super super scary to me! In so many ways I love the Army and I did not think it was time to leave it... But I tried as best I could to prepare myself for the inevitable...

Then things happened that I never ever expected, we got pregnant. With twins. They were sick... And off to Houston Texas we went..... And during that time Brett gave up his Command early so he could better focus on our family, and we were then faced with the whole " what to do next" thing.
The time had come. San Antonio was calling and normally I would have been FREAKING OUT waiting to see if the Army had a job for Brett there... And I would have spent my time not freaking out looking for civilian jobs for Brett online because, honestly how could we really get one of the few jobs available for an infantry officer there?!
But instead my mind was focused on a little baby, one who still needed medical attention, who we were still trying to keep inside of me...
And you know what? Brett got a job in San Antonio... Without my freakouts and without my needless job searching...there's a lesson there somewhere for a overly obsessive control freak... hmmmm

And, strangely, it may have been largely due to the fact that Tabitha might need extra love and care and where better to get it than the army medical hub? And the Army took that into consideration when making their decisions.
And so, in the end all things did in fact work together to take us exactly where we needed to go.
Did I mention we're probably moving in the middle of March?! And did I mention I have a two year old and a newborn?
It's gonna be awesome around here


Dana Beam said...

Awesome! God is good! I look forward to having you in SA and if there is anything we can help with, just let me know.

Katie Wright said...

Wow Abigail! That's such an amazing testimony. Excited for you guys! I hear the board walk there is pretty amazing. :)